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We stand for creativity, relationships and hard work.

Workhouse is a group of dedicated, imaginative people with fire in our belly.
Using clever thinking and marketing strategy, we deliver brand communications with a difference.

Forming strong relationships with the people we work with, we build a platform of knowledge on which to
propel you into your marketplace.
We offer creative workmanship that gets you results.

It's as simple as that.

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2015 – The Year of Video Marketing

“Facts tell, but stories sell.” As the perfect storytelling medium for grabbing audiences’ attention, video marketing surged to the front line of marketing strategy for large and small business alike in 2014. It’s not as though it’s a new strategy. But as the world changes, as audience behaviours change, as the internet continues to adapt and morph into the perfect partner for the smartphone generation, it’s becoming all the more important. eMarketer recently conducted a study of businesses … [Read more...]

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