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We stand for creativity, relationships and hard work.

Workhouse is a group of dedicated, imaginative people with fire in our belly.
Using clever thinking and marketing strategy, we deliver brand communications with a difference.

Forming strong relationships with the people we work with, we build a platform of knowledge on which to
propel you into your marketplace.
We offer creative workmanship that gets you results.

It's as simple as that.

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Creative Feature Ep.2 – Ashley Hardman

These shorts focus on creative individuals in their natural environments - completely stripped back. One camera, one edit, and one take. Capturing the artist without the glitz and glamour of studio technology, shedding light on their raw talent. No lights, One Camera, Action. In this episode, Preston based Street Photographer Ashley Hardman* takes us on his most recent shoot and explains to us what photography means to him. Filmed at … [Read more...]

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