Sandtex Colour Tool Visualiser - Web Application

Sandtex is the UK’s leading masonry paints brand, offering high-quality paints and accessories for painting building exteriors. Their broad range of products focuses on durability and performance, as well as style.

The Brief

As a long standing client, Sandtex first came to us to help them solve a specific issue. They wanted to encourage their customers to be more creative with the colours they use for their homes exterior and highlight the broad colour range of paints they have. Visualising how an exterior will look in colour is difficult and consumers are less likely to take risks due to the nature of the job if it has to be redone, unlike interior decorating. In order to combat this we agreed to create a website application that would allow Sandtex customers to mix and match paint colours and try out different schemes before purchasing.


The interface needed to be incredibly simple and easy to use as a single webpage. We tested a number of layouts to ensure the most effective interface was used for the final design to intelligently display the wide range of colours available for every aspect of a homes exterior.

Product Information

Each colour is often available from Sandtex in a number of products and finishes. Once a customer had settled on the colour they wanted they would be able to expand their selection to display each product alongside the relevant information. This would help them to save time deciding in-store and provide the shop assistants with the information they need to quickly and efficiently find the right products for the customer.

Call to action

As Sandtex doesn’t directly sell their products on their brand site, we needed to provide the users with the next steps to complete their purchase. We devised a plan where they would be offered a two-step process; print the chosen colour scheme and find the nearest stockist where they could simply hand it in and get the products they require. The printed scheme also contained details on the various products that colour is available in.

Take a look at the website yourself here:

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