Brand Modernising

The brief for this particular project was to modernise the existing brand identity. As an established brand, it was important that it remained familiar whilst being updated to suit modern tastes.

Creating Structure & Rules

Before Workhouse got involved, there were no strict rules on how the brand was to be used. This led to materials that looked wildly different. As part of the project we established a variety of design structures and rules to ensure everything stayed uniform and on-brand.

Brand Alignment For Global Packaging

Pro-Elec's products are shipped and packed from various places worldwide. With the new brand each of these locations would be able to use a singular unified brand and packaging rules to avoid variations that had plagued the company previously.

The Results

With the modernised version of the brand, Pro-Elec now also had a suite of packaging graphics that could be easily recreated wherever. This would not only provide them with a singular, recognisable brand, but also simplify their operations and cut down on future costs.