Gaffey - New Product Launch

Gaffey Technical Services Ltd provides commercial and industrial level water treatment solutions and disinfection equipment for a wide range of purposes, including hospitals, public swimming pools, residential and much more.

Client Gaffey Services New Product Launch

The Brief

Gaffey have been building up a head of steam over the last 5 years, moving from a service oriented business to pure manufacture. With a suite of technical solutions to offer the water purification market, an effective method of communicating with their target audience has become a necessary requirement.

The team at Gaffey liked the idea of working with a local agency but started working with Workhouse when they realised how much knowledge and experience within the manufacturing, trade and industrial sector we had. They wanted to move away from data sheets and installation guides, so with a unique product to launch we set about creating a brand identity, tone of voice and design style that reflected the business and would appeal to specifiers and be understandable by their target market.

Brochure Design

We set to work creating a new look for the two sales brochures. One for iOX and the other for their Hyprolyser models.

The Brand

Whilst ensuring we kept it recognisable, we subtly amended their brand and added new elements of colour and personality that we felt would resonate well with the target audience. The aim was to make it more friendly whilst remaining professional and in-keeping with the sector.


We interpreted and then rewrote the copy to give it far less technically bias. This was to better target influencers and non technical specifiers that would engage with the business from an emotive view i.e. the net result of the installation. We also injecting some personality and incorporated an agreed tone of voice throughout that presented Gaffey as professional, approachable and friendly.

3D Modelling

As part of the project we commissioned two 3d models to be created, one for each product, this could be used within print collateral and as part of a wider showreel and provided Gaffey with numerous reusable assets.

Exhibition Stand

The client liked our work on the sales brochures and animations so much that they asked if we could add the same creative treatment to a pre-existing exhibition stand shell. Our team set to work and produced a number of panels that were designed specifically to fit the existing stand, the results of which the client was delighted with.

Intelligent Planning

We spent time initially dissecting Gaffey’s existing literature and ensuring we fully understood their product offering. We came to the conclusion that it was too technical for much of their target audience and strategize on how we could make their offering simpler to understand whilst incorporating a fresh brand that fit well within the sector.

Creative Grafters

Once we had created our own detailed brief, the creative team set to work and produced a number of brand ideas and treatments which we debated internally and then presented to the client. The resulting treatment was then applied to the new brochures, along with the simplified copy and tone of voice.

Beautiful Results

The client was extremely happy with the results and as a result asked us to complete a number of other jobs for them. The brochures were used at exhibitions and received positive feedback due to their newer, slicker look and audience
friendly language.

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