Blacksticks Blue - Packaging Design

Blacksticks Blue is the most famous child of the Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses family, a blue cheese known for its smooth and creamy taste and texture. It’s recognised by its distinct purple brand colours and the unique orange hue of the cheese itself.

Client Butlers Cheeses Sector Food Services Packaging Design | Branding

At a glance

Creative Concepts

We created a number of concept options to be considered by the client for feedback in order to lead us to a final design.

Brand Progression

It was necessary to make slight amends to the brand, although we were careful not to detract from an already strong identity.

Print Management

The project required a deal of print management knowledge to ensure that the project could be completed within budget and to specification.

Intelligent Planning

The team sat down and brainstormed multiple ways to achieve the objectives. It was immediately apparent that although we needed the packaging to convey numerous things, it was also critical that the design was clean, eye-catching and not overly busy. With all ideas outlined and a plan in place, it was passed over to studio.

Creative Grafters

The team set to work and created a number of options to present to the client. Ultimately, we created 5 variations, each with a unique campaign line aimed at grabbing attention and making customers rethink their use of Blacksticks Blue and position it as a hero ingredient. As the distinctive orange hue of the cheese is synonymous with the brand the team were keen to incorporate it into the design.

Beautiful Results

The resulting packaging maintained a premium feel whilst making it accessible to different audiences. We introduced the blue as a new brand colour to really help the campaign lines stand out and the creative die-cut allowed us to make the most of the unique orange colouring of the cheese itself. Finally, we used the reverse of the packaging to illustrate simple, collectable meal twists that could easily be achieved with Blacksticks Blue.

Blacksticks Blue Packaging
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