Our Approach

Our philosophy is centred around one thing: happiness.

If our designers are happy, they’ll create well. If our account managers are content, they’ll harness the enthusiasm needed to get the job done.

A happy Workhouse makes for happy clients. Clients who have confidence in our work, who trust that our knowledge, experience and deep-rooted passion will deliver reliable creative, with an innovative and personal touch.

Comfort comes from what we know. Creativity comes from what we don’t.

Even the smallest of challenges ignites our desire to achieve, to create.

We submerge our brains into the depths of every project, from brief, to conception, to execution.

We place ourselves within the world of our client; we BECOME our client.

There is no “them”, no “us”, only “we.”

We invite you into our world, we welcome you in and we get down to business, asking what’s important to you.

Beginning with… “Custard Creams, or Bourbons?”

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