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A Very Workhouse Creative Christmas

The Brief

Every year at Workhouse we like to flex our creative muscles by planning and creating our own Christmas campaign. This year we wanted to be a bit more ambitious and create a microsite that had two videos (and a preview video too), one as a nod to past Christmas campaigns and one for the present. We also decided to develop our own Christmas game to be featured within the site.


The campaign was created as our way to say Merry Christmas to all of our clients, suppliers, friends of the business and followers on social media.


There was a lot involved in the campaign and it took some real effort and determination to bring it all together in time for our early December launch date. Everything needed to happen simultaneously. The two videos were shot and edited whilst the design and development team created the microsite to house them. Finally, the game (Rooftop Run) was designed and coded from scratch and also placed into the microsite. Everything was tested extensively to ensure that once we launched there would be no unexpected errors. The campaign was promoted primarily using a carefully thought out mixture of email and social media marketing with no paid promotion. 


The feedback we received from the campaign was immensely positive. We generated 4,628 video views on YouTube and Facebook as well as 2,353 visits to the microsite. Rooftop Run, the game we developed was particularly successful with 12,764 games played!

Take a Look

See it for yourself! You can still see the microsite, watch the videos and play Rooftop Run –

What was involved

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