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Rainy Day Trust is a charity for those who have worked in the home improvement and enhancement industry. Having had their website for a number of years, it became apparent that it was flat and difficult to navigate. The content lacked the necessary emotion to compel prospective donors. They wanted to update to a more modern and functional design with content that would inspire people to help.  


The website would need to appeal to two audiences. Firstly, the people Rainy Day Trust seek to help, those who have or still work within the home improvement and enhancement industry who have fallen on hard times. Also, it needed to be attractive to potential supporters and members who could sign up as benefactors and donors of the charity.


We started by mapping out the site in order to create an optimised user journey and drive people towards the ultimate aim of the site, contributing. This was pitched with developed and modern styling and colour palettes, but remained sympathetic to the charity’s original colourful brand identity. We used fully interactive software to create a ‘wireframe’ of the site, allowing us to test the user journey and have the client sign off before the development work started. Once signed off, we began developing the site with and giving the content a much needed freshen up, whilst simultaneously optimising for search engines.


The client was thrilled with their updated and improved website. They’re confident that it will help them to generate supporters and sponsors in the long term, allowing them to help more people who need it. You can see the website in full, and find out more about the charity here: http://www.rainydaytrust.org.uk/.

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