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When longstanding client James’ Places decided to renovate an abandoned mill in the heart of Clitheroe, Workhouse were tasked with creating a new brand and web identity for the enormous project. The mill was to contain a number of recreational facilities, set to open in phases. The first phase involved moving Bowland Brewery into its new home within the mill, as well as a brand new beer hall. For this a new website, branding, promotional materials, signage, stationery and a whole host of other collateral was required.


The work completed needed to appeal to people in Clitheroe and the surrounding areas, as well as those as far away as Manchester. We needed to be mindful that although the first phase would be a beer hall and brewery, the mill was set to become so much more, so it needed to be appropriate for more than a drinking establishment.


As the mill was set to retain many of its original features and preserving the character and history of the building was paramount, the branding needed reflect that rustic charm. A number of ideas were created for logos and identities incorporating elements from the mill itself from which the client picked their favourite. The website was required immediately, but also needed the capacity to grow as Holmes Mill itself would also be expanding.


The client was excited with the final result, and also the speed at which Workhouse were able to pull everything together. The project was time sensitive and worked towards a tight deadline for the mill opening. Now open, Holmes Mill itself looks fantastic, and we were lucky enough to be invited down for the opening night. We would encourage anybody in the area and beyond to visit. See the website in its entirety: http://www.holmesmill.co.uk/

Next Steps

Workhouse continue to work closely with James’ Places on the 2nd and 3rd phases of Holmes Mill’s redevelopment

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