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British Ceramic Tile


British Ceramic Tile have briefed us to manage an ongoing lead generation campaign in order to communicate more effectively with their different audiences. In conjunction with their new website, these communications need to be targeted, relevant, professional and place them at the top of their field.



Independent tile retailers across the UK, tilers, interior designers, consumers and the press.



Due to the varied contacts known to our clients, we opted to use our licensed Marketo software. This allows us to identify with and discover more about the entries on the existing customer database, whilst gathering information on new leads visiting the website or engaging with the various social media channels we operate for this client. Marketo allows us to plan a unique ‘user journey’ based on individual behaviour. For example, if a known contact visits a tile collection online, an email is generated the same day to send them more information about that range and remind them to buy. If they don’t open an email, the system sends the same message/offer in a different format to gauge preference in style.

In some cases, if a retailer responds positively by opening and clicking through to a specific webpage, we generate an alert email to the sales team, who call them within the hour to follow up. This presents a highly professional, slick operation and heightens the chance of a sale for our client.



Average 32% open rate per eShot. 17.2% click through rate.

Increase in lead database of c12,000 contacts in 2 months.

Through progressive profiling, up to 10% of anonymous leads are converted to known leads each month.

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