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Social media is so much more than a place to post your news stories and hope for likes and retweets. It’s a valuable tool for building a community made up of your target audience. Social media allows modern marketers to listen to what their customers are saying about them and act upon it.

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What is social media marketing?

Using social media for personal reasons is entirely different to using it for business purposes. Best practise is to use your website as a ‘content hub’ where you keep all of your interesting content, such as blogs, videos, images and infographics. We use social media channels to distribute and amplify this content and ultimately lead visitors to your website to become leads.

The Three Pillars of Social Media Marketing


Social media is not a soapbox. It’s a two-way conversation and many businesses are failing at the listening aspect of that. At Workhouse, we’ll monitor mentions of your business or brand and keep track of what’s being said.


Be a part of the conversation. As a result of listening, we can then increase engagement on various social media platforms and make sure you and your brand has a voice. An engaged audience is a captive audience.


Social media is all about sharing great content that’s highly shareable. We have the skills in-house to create engaging, eye-catching content for your brand that your audience will appreciate.

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Social Media Advertising

Paid platforms for advertising on social media have grown to become incredibly popular and increasingly powerful over the last few years. We can help you to create a social advertising strategy that targets your audience in ways you might not have imagined possible.

Why partner with an agency?

We’re not going to lie, you can do social media in-house. Why not? You have a Facebook profile and you’ve sent a tweet before, right? Whether you can do it well or not is another question entirely! By partnering with Workhouse for your social media marketing needs you get the combined knowledge and skill of our digital and creative departments.

The House Specials

We're familiar with a wide variety of social media platforms, we can help you with:

  • Facebook

    Facebook remains the largest social media platform, let us help find your audience

  • Twitter

    A microblogging platform that favours brevity and frequency

  • Instagram

    We can create and share eye-catching images to achieve your business goals

  • Pinterest

    Our social media team can help to create compelling boards that drive traffic

  • LinkedIn

    The Professional Network is great for B2B companies

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