Marketing Automation

In an era where customers are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages daily, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to clear the crowds and speak to them one to one? And not in a pushy sales assistant kind of way either.

Using Marketing Automation, you can see from a distance what makes your customer’s tick and then, when the time’s right, approach them about purchasing your products safe in the knowledge that they’ll listen to what you’re saying.

What is marketing automation?

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase ‘Marketing Automation’, maybe not. First, let’s just get our heads round what it actually means (and what it doesn’t). It can be a challenge to sum up marketing automation in just a few words, but put simply, ‘marketing automation refers to software that automates your marketing for you'.

It allows your business to streamline and automate marketing tasks and databases in order to engage with customers more efficiently and effectively. Often marketing departments spend way too much time and recourse repetitively sending emails, and on simple social media and website activity. Sound familiar? Well marketing automation, done right, makes all these tasks far less time consuming and much more effective too.

It covers: • Email marketing
• Landing pages
• Campaign management
• Marketing programmes
• Lead generation
• Prediction / Scoring
• Lead management
• CRM Integration
• Social marketing
• Resource management
• Marketing analytics It isn't: • Just a fancy name for email marketing
• A marketing-only solution
• Spam
• A lazy solution
Improve your lead quality

Quality Leads

We can waste so much time concentrating on poor leads that go nowhere and affect our ROI. By nurturing potential buyers before we pass them to a sales team we can identify quality leads that equate to sales.

Build long-lasting relationships

Lasting Relationships

We said earlier, people can be overwhelmed with marketing messages every day. Stand out from the crowd by creating a personal relationship with your customers. Show an interest in their individual behaviours and preferences and you’ll be rewarded by customer loyalty.

Become a reactive superhuman

Quick Reactions

Under the rule of social media, the world can be a fickle place at times, causing the market to change and influence people's buying decisions. Seize the moment and deliver relevant, triggered email messages in only a few minutes, before the moments gone.

So is
Marketing Automation
for me?

If you identified with any/all of the issues above then surely the answer is a big fat yes. But, it can be a big and scary pool to jump in to. There are many clever software platforms out there that offer Marketing Automation solutions, but it’s about thinking about your business needs and what works for you.

That’s where we come in! Why partner with an agency we hear you say?

It’s beneficial to partner with an agency that has expertise in marketing automation. Of course, we would say that wouldn’t we? Let us explain. Marketing automation is much more than a software purchase, it’s a new way of working and we can help you get from A to B in the quickest, safest and smartest way possible. We’ll help you to map your business needs, choose the right platform and help get your team up to speed quicker than they would without us.

It's for me, let's talk!

The House Specials

There’s more than one way to get up and running with marketing automation. Our team can help to remove the headache and ensure you’re using it to its maximum potential. Our services include:

  • Deployment

    Let us help you set up and show you the ropes

  • Consulting

    We’ll help to align your business with your new platform

  • Training and Monitoring

    Learn how to make the most of your marketing automation platform

  • The Full Shebang

    Outsource your marketing automation function to us and let us take the load

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What now?

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