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“Email is dead”, “it’s old technology”, “nobody opens emails anymore!”. Actually, contrary to this bafflingly popular belief, open rates are higher than ever and so are conversion rates. Done correctly, email marketing can be one of the sharpest tools in the marketer’s shed.

What is email marketing?

Not to be confused with spam marketing, email marketing can be an incredibly effective form of digital marketing that can yield measurable ROI. Email marketing can be used to nurture prospects and encourage repeat business, as well as driving regular sales and leads. At Workhouse, we use compelling content and a touch of creative flair to spread your messages far and wide.

Great email marketing campaigns are target, on-brand and made up using timely content. It’s important to ensure that you’re talking to the right people, about the right things, at the right time. The batch and blast approach simply doesn’t cut it nowadays, leave that to the spammers.

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The Process


We write compelling email copy with a strong call to action to achieve your email marketing goals.


Our design teams add eye-catching, on-brand creative and ensure all emails are laid out properly and easy-to-read.


We use data, analytics and strategy to decide on the optimum time to send your email and test individual elements to gain the best outcome.

Why partner with an agency?

Email marketing can be tricky, done incorrectly you can find yourself subjected to penalties or even worse, blacklisted from major email servers. At Workhouse, we have the experience and skills to ensure that not only do your emails look and read great, but that they always reach their intended target and achieve your objectives.

The House Specials

  • Strategy and Planning

    Our email marketing campaigns always start with solid strategy and planning

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