Workhouse Marketing debuts at the Prolific North Awards

Sometimes it’s good to blow your own trumpet, and after a great 2017 so far at Workhouse, we decided it was time to pucker up and blast out a tune for ourselves.

Firstly, our win at the Red Rose Awards for ‘Creative Agency of the Year’ was fantastic and put the entire team in good spirits. This was followed up very closely by being shortlisted for the prestigious Prolific North Awards in their Large Integrated Agency category.

The recognition for the work we’ve done over the last 12 months was enough for us, and a cursory glance at the other nominees confirmed that we were indeed up against some big agencies with worldwide offices and multi-million pound turnovers. But hey, everyone loves an underdog, right?

Not ones to be deterred from a challenge, Martin and Sarah got themselves dolled up and went along to Event City in Manchester, which was packed with over 800 talented professionals including some of the most respected marketing and design agencies in the North of England (and beyond!).

As previously mentioned, Workhouse was shortlisted in the Large Integrated Agency category and sat alongside some of the biggest grossing agencies in the country. The type of names that we constantly strive to be amongst and a clear sign that our sustained growth was starting to show to more than just ourselves.

Alas, it was not to be our night and we were reminded that fairy tale finishes are often just that, fairy tales. The worthy winners were Jaywing, who have six offices across the country and beyond and boast an impressive portfolio of work. It’s hard to feel hard done by on this occasion with so many great names on the shortlist, and it did little to dampen our moods on what was a fantastic night where we met some entertaining and insightful people and businesses.

We take heart in the fact that we find ourselves in this situation and use it for inspiration to keep pushing forward and growing. We’ll carry on working in the way only we know how to and who knows, maybe next year we’ll be bringing the title back to the Ribble Valley!

Congratulations, of course, to Jaywing and all the other winners from the night.