‘Creative Agency of the Year’ has a nice ring to it…

What a night! It was undoubtedly a very strong category with talented nominees throughout, but when the moment came it was Workhouse Marketing that was called out over the microphone – ‘Creative Agency of the Year’.

Of course, it’s not all about winning awards, but as an agency that puts creativity before all else (it even says so on our home page) it was great to be recognised by the industry and the Lancashire business community. We’ve long known that we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talent at Workhouse, but now so does everybody else too!

The judge’s comments, which were read out on the night stated: “It is clear that creativity is the heartbeat of this business. It’s what drives all aspects of the organisation. They bring in fresh talent in a structured fashion, where learning can take place between the rising stars and the more experienced hands.”

The trophy now sits proudly on the mantelpiece at Workhouse HQ…

Recognition must also be given to the awards night itself. Well organised, entertaining and a great advertisement of a thriving Lancashire business scene – a credit to Lancashire Business View and the various sponsors and organisers of the night. Standout entertainment of the night came in the form of Irish drum quintet The Hit Machine, check them out:

Admit it, you just considered going out and buying a drum kit didn’t you.