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10 Jul 2017

5 Reasons Quality SEO Copywriting is Essential to Your Website

You type a search query into Google or any of the other search engines and look through the options it fires back. Your business isn’t there. Your competitors are, but you’re not. You keep clicking through the pages and finally find your business on page 3, 4, 5 or even worse. It’s actually irrelevant which…

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04 Jul 2017

Facebook Ads – Do you just click the ‘Boost post’ button? Here’s why you shouldn’t!

If you have a Facebook page for your business you may well have realised the huge potential of running Facebook ads. However, if you’re one of the many businesses that simply press the ‘Boost post’ button that shows up on each of your posts I have some bad news for you… You have more than…

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15 May 2017

3 SEO Friendly Strategies for Building Links

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complicated business that takes a lot of skill and know how (and we must admit, sometimes a bit of dumb luck). SEO practices can be split into two categories: on-page and off-page. On-page strategies refer to anything you might do to make a web page more attractive to a…

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25 Jan 2017

No Ifs or Buts… It’s Time to Secure Your Website

The vast majority of our posts exist to offer friendly advice, take it or leave it type stuff for the most part. However, the information in this particular post we want to resonate a bit stronger as it could be critical to your website. Starting this month Google will start to show warnings on unencrypted websites…

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Category: Website Design By: Workhouse Marketing

01 Dec 2016

Beware of the Trolls: A Guide to Handling Social Media Complaints (and Trolls)

Now, the first thing you need to do is distinguish between a troll and genuine customer complaint. Not all who complain are necessarily trolls and it’s important that each is dealt with differently. Troll1 (noun): A cave dwelling creature with poor hygiene and an ugly appearance. Troll2 (verb): To derive pleasure from posting deliberately offensive…

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Category: Digital, Industry, Social media By: Workhouse Marketing

23 Nov 2016

6 Signs Your Website is Due an Upgrade

Websites are little bit like cars, they don’t last forever and without constant maintenance and care they can quickly turn into “a banger”. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to commission a brand new website (but it might do), sometimes a website just needs a bit of TLC. At Workhouse we are often tasked with…

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Category: Digital, Website Design By: Workhouse Marketing

15 Oct 2016

7 Steps to Creating Killer Content

We live in an age where the web is awash with content, standing out can be tough, but it also presents one of the biggest opportunities for modern businesses. Content comes in many forms; blog posts, videos, social media, ebooks, white papers, guides, the list goes on! At Workhouse, creating content is much more than…

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25 Sep 2016

Growing Your Social Media Presence

As a marketer/ business owner it is easy to move ‘social media’ to the bottom of your to-do list in favour of more exciting/ urgent campaigns. The world has more or less moved online so it’s important to join us and stay relevant. Social media should be on-going as part of your overall marketing strategy.…

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Category: Social media By: Workhouse Marketing

01 Sep 2016

Local SEO: 5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Business Listed on Google

Have you ever entered a search term into Google such as “florists near me” or “restaurants in Preston”? Of course you have, and so do many other people! Google will likely give you a handy list of nearby places that match your search query. It's called Local SEO. Now, have you ever tried it for…

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30 Jun 2016

Bad News for Brands: Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update Will Reduce Organic Reach

Many brands and publishers rely on social networks to push their content out to wider audiences. However, if you run a brand or publisher page you may have noticed that your interactions have slowly declined over the last few years. Here’s why… Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm Explained (Briefly) Facebook uses an algorithm codenamed Edgerank to decide…

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