What is User Experience Design?

UX design is one of the most critical stages of any digital project. Put simply, UX is the process of ensuring that your website or application is as user friendly as possible and pleasurable to use. The goal is to create an intuitive interface that is as simple to navigate as possible. If you have ever used a website or application that’s confusing and overly complicated, you’ll know how infuriating it can be.

UX design works on 5 key principles, which dictate that digital projects should be digestible, clear, trustworthy, familiar and delightful.

This stage comes before any aesthetic design is added to the project, which allows a UX designer to focus solely on how the journey will work. Well organised content and an intuitive user journey is also beneficial to the overall health of a website in terms of SEO and leads.

The Process


All UX projects are based on thorough analysis of any existing digital assets. Understanding how an audience already interacts with you can help.


UX trends and best practises are ever changing, our designers carry out extensive research to ensure we provide a cutting edge product.


A sitemap is created to organise the website pages and understand how the URL structure will work going forward, as well as to create an efficient user flow.


A scamp is a rough idea of how user journeys will work, this allows the UX designer to get all of the content in order before moving on to the next phase of a project.


A wireframe is a basic working build of the website without content or visuals. It’s a blueprint for the website that is to be built and often shared with the client to approve.


This involved creating a simulation of the final build and allows us to test the product before investing too much time into the final build.


Working off pure instinct and personal opinion is not the way to create the best possible experience for users. Design is subjective, which is why it’s important to have cold hard facts to back up your choices. We carry out a variety of tests to ensure that the optimal user journey and experience has been achieved. This includes user research testing, multivariate A/B testing and hotspot testing.

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Why partner with an agency?

User Experience is a discipline that requires a keen eye for detail, a blend of science and art that ensures a digital project is a success. To create a truly intuitive and user friendly journey requires a unique mixture of creative and technical skills, of which we have in abundance at Workhouse Marketing. Move forward safe in the knowledge that your digital project has the best possible chance of success.

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User Experience design is just part of the Workhouse offering, our digital team can also help with:

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    UX is especially critical for Ecommerce websites that need to up their sales

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