Conversion Rate Optimisation

There’s most likely a reason that you have a website, whether it’s for sales, data capture, leads or another purpose. Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be great to have more of it? That’s where conversion rate optimisation (CRO) comes in.

So, what exactly is conversion rate

In simple terms, CRO is a technique that aims to improve the percentage of conversions out of your website's visitors. Through continuous analysis of your customers and their behaviours we are able to gain measurable improvements on your website's key performance indicators (KPI’s).


The first phase of any CRO project is to gather intelligence on your customers and learn their behaviour on your website, this will form the basis of how we proceed.


Using the results of our research and learnings we will start to test our findings on your website to determine whether a permanent change would result in favourable results.


Armed with the results from our research and tests we will continually optimise and measure conversions on your website.

A/B Testing

You might wonder how we test changes on your website, which is done through a process known as A/B testing. In simple terms, we make changes to a webpage and show it to 50% of your visitors, the other 50% will see the original webpage, after a set amount of time we compare the results and determine a winner.

Heat Mapping

Ever wondered how people use your website? Whereabouts they click and how often? Which buttons are most popular? Well, we can tell you using a process known as heat mapping. Using these specialised tools to analyse and refine your user journey and maximise conversions.


We use tools, such as Google Analytics and Semrush, to analyse the traffic on your website and make informed decisions on how to improve it. Everything we do is measurable and can be proved and through these tools you will soon see the difference in your traffic and conversion stats.

Why partner with Workhouse?

We have a proven track record when it comes to optimising user journeys and maximising conversions online. Our award winning team are well versed in CRO and its many intricacies. Our clients get the benefit of our dedicated digital, development and creative teams to ensure the best possible outcome.

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