Packaging Design

You should never judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately that’s the world we live in and people do. It’s no use having a great product if it doesn’t stand out on the shelves. In many cases a product’s packaging is the first touch point with a customer, make sure you’re putting your strongest foot forward.

The Workhouse Way

We work closely with our clients to develop packaging solutions that are much more than just a pretty wrapper for their product. It’s our belief that packaging should be innovative and we strive to create something that’s both eye-catching and functional.

Discovery, Research & Strategy

Like most creative projects, we kick things off with a comprehensive discovery phase where we get under the skin of your business, the product itself and your goals and objectives. We research competitor products and devise a solid strategy for packaging design and position it correctly in the market.

Creative Options

With the strategy firmly in place our rabble of creative grafters set about developing a number of options and exploring various avenues with your brand in mind. We prepare a number of soft options for your consideration and feedback. The goal is to finish with a clear idea of what the finished product will be.

Final Design

By this stage the concept, look and feel should all be decided, which is where the final design comes in. The creative lead on the project will seek to bring the finished design home. We’ll work with a specialist manufacturer to create a prototype for our clients consideration.

Case Study: Blacksticks Blue

We worked with Lancashire cheese manufacturer, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses, to develop a new look packaging for their award winning smooth and creamy, Blacksticks Blue cheese.

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Why partner with Workhouse?

Simple. Why have one creative when you can have ten? Our clients benefit from the combined experience of an entire department of designers, copywriters and print buyers. Not only that, but as an outside perspective we can often get to the heart of what our clients need and produce packaging that suits their needs perfectly