There’s an art to writing great copy. Whether it’s to sell a product or service, encourage people to sign up for a newsletter or any other number of actions you might want your audience to take. Compelling copy will lead your audience on a journey and ends with them converting in a manner that you desire.

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What is copywriting?

But, we can all write… can’t we? Sure, but good copywriting is about much more than the ability to string a few sentences together and place a semicolon successfully. Modern copywriting has branched into a number of disciplines, each of which is a skill in its own right.

The art of copywriting isn't to use flowery, complex language that demonstrates an expert command of the English language, it's to write with the intended audience and platform in mind. Often times it's more important to be brief and convey a message clearly in as few words as possible, the less is more approach.


Traditionally, copywriting refers to long and short form copy that is purely for advertising purposes. Not only should it grab attention, it needs to persuade the reader to take action.

Content Writing

The rise of content marketing created the role of content writing. Similar to copywriting, however, it’s typically content pieces that are intended to inform, educate and entertain rather than advertise.

Creative Writing

Creativity is a tough one, you can’t teach it. Often business find themselves in need of a creative writer to breathe some life into a project and inject some much-needed personality.

UX Writing

An intuitive user interface relies on great conversational writing to lead the user through a process and add a human element to the overall experience.

SEO Writing

Writing for search engines is a tricky skill to master. Search engines, such as Google, like content to be written in a very specific way, which is one of many ranking factors.

Technical Writing

Many industries require extremely technical writers to craft their copy. This usually involves a lot of research and practise to ensure all writing is accurate and authentic.

Why partner with an agency?

There’s no substitute for experience and a great writer isn’t necessarily a great copywriter. Our writing team has experience in crafting copy for a variety of mediums and in different styles. Nothing ruins a great project, whether it’s for the web or print, like poorly constructed and uninspiring copywriting. Why even take the chance?

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