Catalogue Design & Production

A catalogue is an essential bit of kit for product manufacturers, trade distributors and wholesalers. Often it's the ideal tool for generating new business and displaying products in a recognisable and easy to digest format.

Whether it's for offline, online, posted or requested, done correctly, a catalogue has the power to generate product sales like no other marketing channel.

Many will call it old hat, but there's a reason that catalogues are one of the oldest and most well tested marketing materials. A well designed and produced catalogue can often outperform any other offline channel. Of course, the cost of print and mail must be factored in, which is why it's essential for it to be executed to perfection ot generate the right results.
That's where we come in...

The Workhouse Way

With over 25 years experience in producing high converting catalogues, we apply that learned knowledge with clever innovative thinking to produce marketing materials that guarantee you ROI.


Whether you’re aiming to target your existing customers or find you way into new markets, a truly effective catalogue can do both. We can provide expert and reasoned advice on your strategy and whether you should take the full range catalogue or split into smaller, more targeted catalogues.

Our experienced team know how to produce catalogues that not only look great, but also build strong reputations and brands. All of this combines to help you sell your products directly off the page. We don't stop there, we also help to ensure you have a seamless ordering process with no barriers.

Catalogues Vs Mailers – which one wins?

Catalogues are expensive to mail. So you will often want to break down your products into smaller catalogues that can be sent out in the mail. That’s where mailers come in. High volume, fast paced mailers can be a great way to target your existing and potential customers with your latest offers and deals. Not only do they drive sales, they also keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds through regular communication.
We don’t just provide a ‘stack it high, sell it low’ approach, unless of course, that’s what you want. We provide a solution that has your objectives in mind and enhances your product offering.

It’s important that we first take some time to understand your needs and objectives and get underneath the skin of your business.

Our award winning creative team add the visual aspects to your catalogue or mailer. We’re always careful to ensure the final product embodies your brand perfectly, in both look and feel.

With over 2 million copies of print purchased every year, we have extensive buying power that results in great prices and high-quality for our clients.

Case Study
Stax Trade Centres

We were challenged to create an A5 catalogue for Stax’s trade customers that compiled their products into a handy, pocket sized resource that could be taken out on jobs.

View the case study

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