Your brand is how people recognise your business, so in an ever-crowded marketplace it has become even more important that you stand out in the right way. A good brand should communicate who your business is, what you do and how you do it. It should be unique to your business, a fingerprint that runs through all of your business and its communications.

Branding, rebrand or brand refresh?

Clients come to us at different stages of their businesses journey. New business, for example, often need the full treatment branding exercise to create an identity from scratch. Some existing businesses are making a strategic move and want to rebrand an existing business, so this can often include a completely new look and feel. Other existing brands simply want a refresh of their existing brand, it may be that it needs modernising or that it doesn’t translate well to the web.
Whatever the need is, Workhouse can help, our team has experience working with a broad range of brands from different industries and sectors.

The Process

We have a tried and tested method for developing brands that starts by getting under the skin of your business and results in a differentiated brand that builds loyalty and drives a return on investment.

Discovery, Research & Strategy

We spend time getting to know a business and its objectives. This is an incredibly important step as it’s essential that the brand suits the business itself. We also look at competitor brands and similar industries to ensure your business stands out against the crowd.

Creative Options

Our merry band of creative grafters work up a handful of soft options to be presented to the client for feedback and comments. It’s not expected that the final design will be chosen here, but that we will gain a clear idea of what it needs to be based on feedback received.

Final Design

With feedback from the client in place, work commences to complete a finalised design based on the option that’s chosen. At this stage, there is still chance for feedback and amends, but we should be working towards a finished brand identity.

Who we work with

We’re proud to work with some of the biggest names in the B2B manufacturing, wholesale and distribution industries. Take a look at the client list we’ve built over our 25 year history.

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Tone of voice

Your brand is so much more than the way it looks. It’s also about the tone you use and your unique voice. The key is to communicate in a consistent voice that people might recognise even without the visual aspects of your brand. Our copywriting team are experienced in developing unique brand voices that suit our clients.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essentially a set of rules and guidance that help designers to ensure that your brand is always spot on. Especially useful if you think you will have multiple designers working on collateral for your brand. Workhouse can supply a comprehensive brand guideline document that will help your business to remain on brand for years to come.

Pro-Elec Case Study

Find out how we helped Pro-Elec to modernise their brand and solve a range of problems they had with inconsistencies. We also outline how we designed them a range of product packaging to ensure the new brand was reflected globally.

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Blueprint brand identity

Wondering what the process is for a brand identity project? Read our blog post outlining how we approach a branding project and the steps involved.