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13 Aug 2018

Taking the fight to Amazon

We’ll start off by clearly stating... you can’t beat Amazon at its own game. At this stage they’re simply too big and powerful, they’re able to buy stock in huge quantities and provide the slickest possible service to their millions of customers. Many companies have tried to compete with them on price and simply depleted…

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07 Aug 2018

Back to the UX drawing board

User experience (UX) design is a complicated process, it’s the bit that takes part before the dazzling visuals and it’s arguably the most important part of any digital project. UX designers are concerned with how intuitive a platform is and how pleasant an experience it is for the end user. It’s one of the most…

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31 Jul 2018

The resurgence of direct mail as a marketing tool

Once upon a time, we were inundated with marketing messages in the post, and then along came email, a cheaper and faster alternative. However, in recent years we’ve seen direct mail start to enjoy a revival as marketers observe an increase in response rates that rival those of its digital cousin. In 2016, direct mail…

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08 Jun 2018

Follow the BIBAs – Workhouse finalists for ‘Creative Business of the Year’

Following a successful application and subsequent interview, Workhouse are over the moon to have been shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious BIBAs Awards, under the category ‘Creative Business of the Year’. It’s our second award nomination of the year after narrowly missing out on retaining our Red Rose Awards title. The two-part process saw us…

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23 May 2018

Workhouse partners with Blackburn College to develop Lancashire’s student creatives

We’re excited and enthusiastic about having again committed to using our resources and knowledge to help develop the creative students at Blackburn College. The programme has been revamped for 2018 to focus more on providing students with real agency experience, and will also now see us having input into curriculum development to ensure the graduates…

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Category: The Team By: Workhouse Marketing

08 May 2018

Blueprint for a brand identity

Repeat after me, ‘my logo is not my brand’. Right, now we’ve got that out the way we can crack on and talk about what a brand is and why it’s so important to your business. Have you ever met someone so devoid of personality that you glazed over and started daydreaming the moment they…

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Category: Graphic Design, Marketing By: Workhouse Marketing

02 May 2018

4 Ways Blogging and Content Creation Can Benefit Your Business

Quite often, we get people questioning the purpose behind writing regular blog posts and creating content for their website. Sure, blogs may have started out as a way for angsty teenagers to vent their frustrations anonymously in online diaries, but they have come a long way since those days. Creating regular, engaging content for your…

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23 Mar 2018

Marketing Rule #1: Never take your foot off the accelerator or your eyes off the prize

I’d hazard a guess that the only people who haven’t heard of Coca-Cola live in the deepest depths of the jungle cut off from all civilisation, and even then I bet a lonely can has come floating downriver. They have a huge 44% market share in the soft drinks sector, more than one and a…

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28 Feb 2018

‘Sell the sizzle, not the steak’ – why we sell benefits, not features…

One of the oldest adages in the advertising and marketing community is, ‘features tell, but benefits sell’. Essentially, it means that if you want to sell something, you should focus on how your product benefits the customer, not the features it has. Of course, features are still important, they’re just not the driver for most…

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08 Feb 2018

A Client’s Guide to Appointing a Marketing Agency

The very start of a client and agency relationship is important, it can set the tone for how any future projects will go and ultimately whether it will be a long and productive partnership. At Workhouse, we dedicate a lot of time to improving our relationships and the way we work with our clients. However,…

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