“WE NEED A MEDIC!” – Google Broad Core Algorithm Update – August 2018

Google broad core algorithm update - Medic

Well, the SEO overlords over at Google HQ have done it again released a new broad core algorithm update. It’s not necessarily time to panic though! Whilst some website types may see significant rises or drops in rankings the early consensus is that for many other website types it’s nothing too dramatic. We’re going to outline everything we’ve learned so far in this post.

Before we start though, we must stress that Google is well known to play their cards pretty close to their chest in regards to their algorithm. At this stage, all information is speculative and based on early signals and data. To be honest, it’s educated guessing!

What’s the reason for the update?

Google is always tinkering with its algorithm to ensure that it’s serving up the best websites in the top rankings. In fact, they make 2-3 small changes pretty much every day! This time, however, it’s a broad core update which usually means a much larger change. To use a car metaphor, think engine upgrade as opposed to a simple oil change.

Will my website be affected?

That’s impossible to say. It’s worth keeping an eye on your rankings to be sure. What we do know is that any losses in rankings aren’t due to websites been penalised. Rather, it’s a case that previously underrated websites are being rewarded. What this means is that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with your website, but if you have noticed losses you may need to up your game to compete with those who have stolen a march on you.

Are there any specific types of websites that have been affected by the update?

At this stage, it’s impossible to tell the full extent of the update and definitively state those websites that have been most effective. However, According to The Hoth, what has been observed thus far includes:

A win for the small businesses! Some early reports state that large chains with multiple locations have lost ranking, whilst smaller local businesses seem to have benefitted. This could very well be because many smaller businesses tend to try much harder whilst large multinationals can sometimes rely on their strong brand to help win rankings, rather than SEO strategy and content.

Your money or your… rankings? YMYL pages (a.k.a. Your Money or Your Life) pages seem to have been one of the worst affected. These are pages that dispense advice, such as medical, financial and legal. Google has always been keen to ensure that pages dispensing important information, such as these examples, are 100% accurate and written by bona fide experts. The consequences of misinformation on a medical page, for example, could be catastrophic.

There are also some niche websites that are reporting significant increases or losses. Many of these have been outlined alongside some detailed figures on Search Engine Land.

What can I do to improve or restore my rankings?

The algorithm may have changed, but the advice hasn’t. Essentially it still comes down to great technical SEO and high quality content! If you were already ranking highly then chances are you already have a strong strategy and good content, but be careful not to rest on your laurels. SEO and content are ever changing beasts that require constant attention and nurturing to be truly successful.

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