Facebook Ads – Do you just click the ‘Boost post’ button? Here’s why you shouldn’t!

If you have a Facebook page for your business you may well have realised the huge potential of running Facebook ads. However, if you’re one of the many businesses that simply press the ‘Boost post’ button that shows up on each of your posts I have some bad news for you…

You have more than likely been wasting a lot your precious marketing budget. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s true. In this article, we’ll outline exactly why you should never just click on that little blue money drain.


So, why is the ‘Boost post’ button even there then?

Back in the day when Facebook was developing their early ads manager, it became apparent that it was too complicated for Facebook page admins. In order to combat this, Facebook introduced the super simple “Promote Post” button (now known as Boost Post). This allowed impatient page admins to ‘boost’ their content with just a few clicks without the need to ever leave the page.

The problem is, like most things, the easy option isn’t usually the most rewarding… This easy access combined with the ever falling organic reach on Facebook has meant that the button has grown in popularity over the years.

And what’s so bad about the ‘Boost post’ button?

You might be wondering what’s wrong with all of this. Well here are a few reasons we would urge you to ditch the ‘Boost post’ button:

#1 – Limited Objectives

Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful tool. You can create advertisements for multiple purposes, whether it’s clicks to a website, installs of an app, conversions, lead generation and much more. These options actually mean that Facebook will use the data it has to pick your ideal audience based on the objective you want to achieve.

Now, with ‘Boost post’ you’re limited to two options, post engagement and website visits. There’s a whole world of Facebook ad objectives that you’re not making use of. Post engagement might actually be all you want to achieve, but even then this isn’t the best way…

#2 – Targeting

The best thing about Facebook ads is the extensive targeting options that it gives to users. Need to target married couples who live within a 10km radius of your exact location? No problem. Need to target people who enjoy cycling but also have a taste for sushi and recently bought a house in Scunthorpe? Seems a bit of an odd audience… but sure, it’s entirely doable providing there are enough people who meet that criteria.  

With the ‘Boost post’ option you’re severely limited in terms of targeting. In fact, your target options boil down to a paltry three:

  • People who like your page
  • People who like your page and their friends
  • People you choose through targeting

Sure, the third option allows you to get a bit creative, but it’s still severely limited. For example, there are no exclusion criteria or connections data.

#3 – Ad Placement Control

The third (and final) reason you shouldn’t click the ‘Boost post’ button is that it offers little choice over where your advertisements are displayed.

Facebook will optimise for the cheapest possible placements, which on the face of it might be a good thing. However, just like easier isn’t always better, neither is cheaper. For a slightly higher cost per click you might increase conversions massively, which means they’re actually more profitable. Don’t let Facebook pinch pennies, they aren’t saving you any money, just spending it on less value.

What’s the alternative?

There is a simple alternative. It’s time to put some work in and familiarise yourself with Facebook’s ad manager and power editor. These tools are significantly more powerful than the ‘Boost post’ feature, but they do require some understanding. In the long run, done properly they will generate you more results.

Facebook Ad Manager objectives


You might be one of the businesses that have seen some positive results using the ‘Boost post’ button. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, actually, we would strongly argue that if you’re seeing positive results using ‘Boost post’ you could be seeing even better results using Ads Manager or Power Editor.

There are also many other features, such as remarketing, as well as custom and lookalike audiences that can drive incredible ROI and are well worth looking into.

Think you could use some expert help or maybe just some more information? Don’t have the time to start learning the tools? We can help! Our social media marketing experts have an intimate knowledge of Facebook ads and can help you to achieve the results you need. Give us a call on 01254 878956 or email hello@workhousemarketing.com.