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04 Sep 2017

User Experience Rules for Online Advertisements and Pop-Ups in Web Design

We’ve all experienced it (excuse the pun). You click a link eager to devour the juicy content that’s been promised on the other side. Your mouse cursor hovers over the play button expectantly and then BANG, you have to look at an annoying advertisement first. ‘Sign up to our mailing list’, ‘buy this’, ‘click here’,…

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25 Jan 2017

No Ifs or Buts… It’s Time to Secure Your Website

The vast majority of our posts exist to offer friendly advice, take it or leave it type stuff for the most part. However, the information in this particular post we want to resonate a bit stronger as it could be critical to your website. Starting this month Google will start to show warnings on unencrypted websites…

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Category: Website Design By: Workhouse Marketing

23 Nov 2016

6 Signs Your Website is Due an Upgrade

Websites are little bit like cars, they don’t last forever and without constant maintenance and care they can quickly turn into “a banger”. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to commission a brand new website (but it might do), sometimes a website just needs a bit of TLC. At Workhouse we are often tasked with…

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