How to Improve Brand Image

Brand image is all about the way in which people see your brand, it’s the perception of you in the minds of consumers. Your brand image is something that develops over time and is based on the experiences and interactions that customers have with you. 

These interactions don’t just involve the purchasing of your products or services, but also include your customer service experience, social media interactions and any other experiences that consumers have with your brand.

All businesses want to create the best brand image they possibly can, after all, it can result in a number of different benefits including: 

  • It makes it easier to attract new customers, resulting in an increase in sales and profit
  • A good brand image makes it easier to introduce new products or services under the same brand
  • It can help to retain your existing customers
  • Strong brand image can also improve the relationship between you and your customers

So, now that it’s clear what brand image is and just how important it is, let’s look at how you can go about improving your brand image… 

Assess your current brand image

Firstly, you need to understand what your brand image is currently. This may actually be considerably different from what you think it is, therefore, you need to conduct some research to find out how consumers actually perceive your brand.

There are a number of ways to find out more about your current brand image, such as:

  • Send out a survey to your existing customers to gain their feedback
  • Conduct interviews with your customers
  • Monitor any social media conversations relating to your brand 
  • Track any online reviews you receive

Activities like these will give you an idea of what your brand image actually is and to figure out what it is you’d like to change or how you’d like consumers to perceive your brand. Going forward, managing your brand image effectively will require continuous evaluation of your real and your desired brand image to ensure they are aligned. 

Create brand guidelines and stick to them

Once you’ve decided on what brand image you want to project and the way in which you want consumers to perceive you, you should develop some brand guidelines to follow. Simply put, your brand guidelines are a set of rules that explain how your brand works and should include everything from logo and colours to typography and the tone of voice of all your communications. 

Creating clear guidelines helps to ensure that your branding efforts are consistent, purposeful and effective. Once your guidelines are in place it’s extremely important that you follow them, as each time you move away from your guidelines, you’re reducing the impact of your branding efforts and potentially damaging your overall brand image. 

See how Workhouse developed clear and consistent brand guidelines for Singletons & Co here. 

Leverage your online presence

Your online presence is extremely important for improving your brand image. Every day, consumers are helping to shape your brand image on social media and while you can’t control what people are actually saying, you can try to encourage your customers to interact positively with your brand. Building a community across social media is a great way to improve your brand image. 

Your website is also a crucial point of interaction between you and your customers which can significantly impact your brand image. Ensuring your website represents your vision and values as well as following the brand guidelines you have in place, will enable you to effectively communicate your brand image with people visiting your website. 

Ensure consistency

Finally, a strong brand image must be consistent across all points of contact, including contact with employees, existing customers, potential customers and everyone else who interacts with your business. As with the brand guidelines, every time you provide an inconsistent experience, you’re actually reducing the impact of your branding efforts and potentially damaging your brand image. 

Closing thoughts…

It’s clear that ensuring a strong brand image can bring significant benefits to your business, helping to keep you in the mind of your existing and potential customers and helping to build customer loyalty. However, maintaining a strong brand image requires careful planning and continuous monitoring to ensure that your customers see you in the way you want them to.

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