About Us

Workhouse is built on a foundation of creativity, relationships and hard graft.

Our no-nonsense approach allows us to cut through the gibberish and deliver campaigns that capture the eye, the imagination and the audience.

With 25 years in operation there isn't a lot we haven't seen.

History tells us to stay on our toes, whilst experience reminds us to keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Who we are

We use intelligent planning to fuel our bunch of creative grafters and consistently produce beautiful results.

Intelligent Planning

We’re brighter than we look! Everything we do at Workhouse is backed up with insight, data and analytics that informs our approach to each project. You wouldn’t build a house on shaky foundations, and we wouldn’t build a campaign without a solid footing either.

Creative Grafters

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty... in a purely metaphorical sense of course! If creativity was grubby work then we’d arrive home smelling to high heaven every night. But don’t be fooled by our pleasant aroma and clean hands, we always put the hours in to make sure each project is spot on.

Beautiful Results

We’re always mithering over the results, constantly improving and tinkering to make sure our clients are chuffed with the outcome. Intelligence and creativity are our tools, but it’s the end result that really counts.

The way we work

We’re flexible in how we work and always seek to tailor our service to the needs of our client. We’ve been around the block a time or two though, and we’ve narrowed it down to the three approaches our clients often require:

Whole Shebang

The full shebang

Exactly as you might expect, we operate as a company’s in-house marketing department. We put together a highly skilled team with varied talents and abilities who are dedicated to a full-time client. These clients also typically receive strong support of our design and digital departments and enjoy the joined up marketing approach you get when using a singular team.

The Regulars

The regulars

Our regular crowd, these are clients who we constantly work with. It may be that we bolster their internal marketing team or possibly liaise and collaborate with other agencies. It’s a model we’re comfortable working in and with the right attitude and communication produces truly beautiful results.

One Off Wonders

The one off wonders

We love working on one off projects. Within reason we wouldn’t turn down any job, no matter how large or small and we regularly work with clients on singular projects. Whether it’s a simple brochure design and print or a fully integrated digital campaign. We maintain great relationships with these clients and although there’s no commitment required from either party it often results in one off wonders becoming regulars.

We've got Accreditations

We're not ones for blowing our own trumpet too much, but we do have a few accreditations to our name...

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